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About S&A Neill Transport

S&A Neill Transport LLC was founded by Steven Neill and his wife Amber in 2015. Originally leased to other carriers, Steven and Amber decided to get their own operating Authority in 2017 and take the skills, commitment to excellence and the dedicated service that set them apart, and put that to work building a trucking business focused on Integrity and the excellent service we have always been known for. Beginning with one truck and trailer we are currently at a 7 truck and trailer fleet. We stopped our company growth until next October when our insurance renews. At that time we will reopen for more trucks. We are based out of Weatherford, Texas, and Steven Neill is an active and avid Video Vlogger on both You Tube and Facebook, promoting independence in the trucking industry, safety, and many other interesting topics regarding the trucking world.

We have Built a monthly training seminar at our office location in Weatherford, Tx, bringing training for free to the greater trucking community. We spend one week out of each month working with existing companies and start up companies to identify where they are and where they are going, to learn compliance and to help them analyze the problems in their operation so that we can help them become more successful.  We offer Dispatch Services for small carriers who need or want help dispatching their trucks, Consulting on areas of your business, to help you identify problem areas in your business and offering solutions to try to fix those areas, and we offer training on subjects like Safety Compliance, Safety Policies, Getting your Authority, talking to brokers, becoming a broker, dispatching trucks and all of the strategies for being successful doing these.


Not Just Any Other Carrier

Though we are a small operation with currently only four trucks, we have plans to grow with the same quality we were founded on. S&A Neill Transport LLC is confident that it can meet any flatbed or Stepdeck need you have and give you the one on one detailed service you deserve.  We strive to be on time, every time, and early if possible.  No one will put as much effort into making your load the most important one than we will.

Our commitment to customer service is important to us. We will keep you updated on the status of any load you book through us, we will deliver it safely, and with no damages caused during delivery.

Though Customer Service is extremely important to us, it is not our ONLY focus.  We focus on being a safe carrier.  We pay very close attention to the maintenance of our equipment and we insure at all times that our equipment is in good working order.  If it isn’t, then we fix it.  Unlike many companies, we don’t ignore maintenance.

Also we focus on safety.  We will insure that your load arrives on time but we will do it safely.  We do not violate Hours of Service Regulations and we obey all FMCSA rules and regulations currently in effect.  We believe that in doing so, we can more effectively serve our customer base.


Consider Us For Your Next Load

We would like to invite you to contact us for a rate quote to haul your flatbed freight. We are a growing fleet, having started with only one truck, we are now up to 7 trucks with four flatbeds and three step-deck trailers.  We continue to meet the growing needs of the industry and we wish to be your one stop shop for  transportation needs. As we grow in size and become the only stop you need for your freight transportation services we will continue to give you the direct attention that your business deserves. To contact us, please email us with information and we will get a quote out to you. We want to be your choice for Flatbed Carriers.


There are the Terms under which S&A Neill Transport agrees to haul freight. These terms cover conditions such as Accessorial charges, fuel Surcharges, Detention, etc

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