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Tech For Change

Tech for change is a small local business started by three extremely caring techs with a huge vision. Before we tell you about them let us link their website here .

So we first found out about them when we started having problems with our current office set up. Our computer system started crashing and it was becoming increasingly difficult for us to keep productivity up.  We began doing some research and we found out that our problem was simply too little processing power.  We needed to upgrade our computers so they would work faster, more efficiently, and so that they would be more stable.

Like most people out there we went to Best Buy and found out just how expensive fixing our issue was about to be.  It didn't take us long to figure out that it was going to cost us close to $2,000 to upgrade our system.

So we went to Fry's Electronics.  Fry's is known for carrying refurbished computers at a discounted price.  After a while, we settled on two towers that would meet our needs at a cost of over $700, but that left us with no monitors and no other accessories, and since our previous office computers were laptops, we were still looking at another $300 plus just for the basics.  Luckily, Fry's did not have what we needed in stock, so we decided to wait it out.

On the way home, my wife, Amber stumbled on this website above.  She told me about them, I liked what I heard, so we decided to go check these guys out.  We arrived first thing Saturday morning. We met a young man who was happy, friendly, and very helpful.  He showed us a dual monitor set up that was half the price of anything we found at Fry's and double the power, but we needed another computer as well, so he showed us a second set up that fit our needs perfectly...except it had already been sold.  It was another dual screen set up and he could tell we wanted it, so instead of turning us away, he offered to build another set up on the spot, exactly like that one.  I mean these guys are fantastic.  We spent less than $600 on two complete set ups and while we were there we found a few more things we needed as well.

Now, let me tell you about these guys.

They are three guys with a vision and that vision is to be able to supply economically challenged families with a free computer so that they can have the ability to utilize the amount of information everyone else can access for free.  In our view, that is amazing, and THAT is why they are our spotlight company.

But it goes further than that, because they are working to build a workshop at their business to teach people who have no computer knowledge, how to proficiently use a computer and operate the programs that can help to set them up for success, and it doesn't stop there.

These guys are also looking to take inner city kids off the streets and build a workshop for them to come in and learn to work on computers, build them from the ground up, repair them, learning a trade that will help them for the rest of their lives.

So they are a Partner company of ours now.  We will buy all of our tech through them, and we strongly suggest that anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that needs computer replacements or needs help setting up a home office use these guys right here. You can't lose with these guys.  You get your tech cheaper than you can get it anywhere else, you empower them to be able to teach people how to use computers so that they can enjoy the freedom you enjoy through them, and you empower them to be able to teach inner city kids a trade skill that can bring them out of poverty.  We are glad we went there for the things we need, we are blessed to have met these three guys and we are proud to support them.  We encourage you to do the same.  Look up their website linked above.