Freedom2Learn Seminar

Freight Transportation Basics Monthly Seminar

Each month we hold a free seminar at our office location at 1872 Mineral Wells Highway, Suite 107, Weatherford, Texas 76088. It is usually held on the last week of the month between Saturday and Wednesday. Class capacity is 12, as we do not have enough seating for more.

The current schedule for the class is as follows:

Day 1  Section 1; Establishing the business.  We will talk about building your actual business structure and go through all of the steps to do so. We will cover getting your Authority as a broker and a Carrier, all of the steps, forms, and requirements to establish your Authority as a broker or a carrier.

Day 2; Section 2 The dispatch company, and how it fits into your business structure.  How to integrate it, how to stay legal and about MAPS 21, the contracts and forms to dispatch, the method to dispatch, determining operating costs and profit margins, offering value to the customers, dealing with brokers, negotiating tactics from Brokers, and negotiating strategies from carriers, size, height weight laws, HOS rules and regulations, the carrier packet, the Broker/Carrier contracts, Rate Confirmations, Bill of Lading, Communication with carrier and broker.

Day 3,Making a Freight Map and keeping your truck in a profitable lane, Understanding how to position the trucks to keep them working and not sitting.  Hands on Training. Talking to brokers, negotiating, booking loads.

Day 4;, Continuing dispatch training and guest speakers (If any can attend) How to approach customers to get direct freight, cold calls, choosing target companies, getting in the door. We try to get speakers to come to most of our classes. These include Tom Hartman, a 31 year veteran with Texas DOT and currently working with carrier compliance to help you stay above board with the FMCSA, Ken Engle, a CPA we have personally been using for the past ten years to answer questions you may have about the freight industry and how Taxes work with business structures, and we will have more speakers as opportunity allows.

Day 5: Putting it all together so you can build your vision, How can we take all of this and put it together in a business plan that allows you to succeed

The Affiliate Program and what services we can offer for you as you build your business.

If you wish to attend one of our seminars please download the enrollment form and return it to us by email at


One On One Consultation

Additional Information

It is impossible to teach everything you need to know in a 5 day class.  We have roughly 40 hours of training time to get you the basics and to show you how everything works, but some of these things can take weeks or even months to work out, and unfortunately we have a business to run that takes an enormous amount of our time, so there is only so much we can do for free. 

HOWEVER, we will continue to work with you if you wish to do so.  We can schedule you for one on one consultation and training in our office at 1872 Mineral Wells Highway, suite 107, Weatherford, Texas 76088. That training is at a cost of $75 per hour and must be completed on site in Texas.  If you want to take advantage of that, just let us know ahead of time and you can book that training by using the scheduling tab on the Drive For Us/Booking page

One on One training will be specifically designed for your particular needs.  If you have any questions, call us at 817-771-8236, or email us at