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What we specialize in

We specialize in hauling flatbed freight across the continental United States. We do not deal with HazMat loads but otherwise, if we can put it on our deck, we move it. Pipe, Coils, Lumber, OSB, Over-dimensional, oilfield, polypipe, tractors, sky tracks, we’ve hauled it all.

Our Plans Moving Forward

We began small, with just a single truck and trailer, but as our relationship grows with our direct customer base and as we solidify relationships with a few, select, brokers we intend to grow our fleet adding both company trucks and owner operators so that we can continue to meet all of our customer’s needs. Stay tuned as we grow.  We will be moving to a permanent terminal within the next two years, where we can focus on growth as a company.

The ELOG Mandate

S&A Neill Transport LLC will be moving ahead into December using the Kep Trucking Pro ELD and we will continue to use it as long as it meets our needs.  We do not support the over-regulation of the trucking industry and we do not like being forced to purchase a product to track our productivity when paper logging is so much cheaper and just as effective, however with Big Road we will be able to track our truck from the home office at all times and we hope that this continues to improve our service.  We fully support a repeal of the mandate.

Trade Affiliations

S&A Neill Transport LLC is a longstanding member of OOIDA and we support their continuing fight for trucker’s rights.  We are also members of NASTC  and we encourage all owner operators to consider both organizations as they both have some great things to offer.  Moving forward we may consider other affiliations based on what they are doing for the trucking industry.

Moving from Leased Onto Elite to Independent

The move from being a leased on carrier to Elite Nationwide Services to being completely Independent has been daunting, however, we have made many improvements to our business in just the past 45 days.  Getting past the first month was a little rocky.  With only few broker contacts and our Direct Customer base falling short we struggled for a few weeks but as we got into the groove and strengthened our Broker Relationships we began seeing better success.  Adding another direct customer and tripling our broker base has helped tremendously.  We have received a lot of help from experienced friends and contacts that we are forever indebted to and we hope to continue to build a reputation as a great independent Carrier.  

How can Brokers or Direct Shippers contact us?

Thats easy, you can contact us by phone, at 817-771-8236 or by email at saneilltransportllc@gmail.com


Operation Safe Driver Week October 15th-21st

Operation Safe Driver was created to reduce crashes, deaths, and injuries involving large trucks due to unsafe driving behaviors. Next week there will be increased law enforcement across North America hoping to identify unsafe driving by commercial motor vehicle and passenger car drivers. Officers will be looking for violations including speeding, texting and driving, following too closely, improper lane changes and more. 

During 2016's Safe Driver Week, more than 20,000 warnings and/or citations were dispensed. The top five misdemeanors were: 1)state and local moving violations, 2)speeding, 3)failure to obey traffic control devices, 4)failing to use a seat belt, 5)using a handheld phone. 

Educational activities will be held across the United States, Canada, and Mexico aimed at increasing safety and driver compliance with regulations. To find out about Operation Safe Driver Week enforcement events going on in your area, contact the agency/department responsible for overseeing CMV safety within your jurisdiction.

Truckers Protest ELD’s on Both Coasts

Protests on both coasts in the past few days have placed truckers in the spotlight. Truck drivers in California and Washington, DC, staged protests to highlight the implementation of the electronic logging device (ELD) rule.

In California, highways were slowed on Friday as trucks as part of Operation Black and Blue drove slowly or stopped along interstates.

“We have a bunch of units there now,” CHP spokesman Chad Hertzell told the Sacramento Bee Friday afternoon. “If they are going 5 miles per hour, that can be rather hazardous. Our main concern is to keep traffic flowing smoothly. Going that slow is dangerous for them and for others.”

Some truckers stopped their rigs on the highway and got out, the Bee reported.

To readmore go to the 

freightwaves website

Trump to focus on truckers in tax-reform pitch

President Trump plans to gear his tax-reform pitch Wednesday in Pennsylvania to truckers, arguing that his plans to make business tax changes will put more money in people’s pockets.

“We will eliminate the penalty on returning future earnings back to the United States. And we will impose a one-time low tax on money currently parked overseas so it can be brought back home to America — where it belongs,” Trump plans to say, according to an excerpt provided by the White House.

“My Council of Economic Advisors estimates that this change, along with a lower rate, would likely give the typical American household a $4,000 pay raise," he will say, according to the excerpt.

The council is expected to provide more information on its estimate in the near future.

A large number of truckers are expected to attend Trump’s speech in Harrisburg, Pa., and trucks will be set up at the event site as props, according to a senior administration official.

Trump is expected to tout various parts of the GOP’s tax plan as beneficial to truckers, including tax cuts for individuals, a lower rate for “pass-through” businesses whose income is currently taxed through the individual tax system and repeal of the estate tax.

He also plans to argue that his proposal to get companies to bring trillions of dollars held overseas back to the United States will translate into more money to spend on infrastructure improvements, the official said.

To read more, go to The Hill